Last Heroes

Orc raid & Wyvern hunt
Eleint 5 - 1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

The tendays goes by as our last heroes are back in and around Loudwater territory, making themselves at home and securing the countryside while doing quests and enhancing their claimed tavern.

Raiding potentially peaceful orc settlement?
yeah, they did it…


Fighting off the wyverns, killing them, retrieving their eggs and finding some herbs?
yeah, they also did it…


Lurking into an abandoned and desecrated temple of Illmater, the broken god and uncover its secrets from a spectator?
Did that as well, but not before they murdered the poor halfling and his friend that actually led them to the cursed place.


Now, on their way back to Loudwater for some actual nice hours looking forward to a hot bath in Cést Inn!

Wierd Ways to Loudwater
Eleasis 21 - 1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

Before the last heroes departed from Daggerford, they made sure that they had lived out their fantasies:

  • Varoc, except training hard at the local blacksmith, honed his sexual skills with hiring the five best good looking prostitutes in Daggerford, and made himself briefly known by settling in the best damn suite that the famous River Shining Tavern had to offer.
  • Shivra and Buarôn did some training as well, but secretly conducted a most unholy ceremony that summoned a Glabrezu demon large as a giant that ended up injecting its huge demonic sperm into Shivra – hoping to complete one of the drow’s ancient evil rituals.
  • Al Greenbottle had his own schemes. The halfling trickster managed to secretly rob one of the most impenetrable banks on the Sword Coast and acquire a large sum of gold.
  • Meanwhile, Anton trained and fine-tuned his already awesome swordsmanship.

All done in Daggerford, the party gathered their horses they were given from the Harpers (as of their deal) and rolled out on the Delimbiyr road towards the town of Loudwater.


Initially, the route was mostly clear except the common merchant from time to time. Once they encountered a ruined wagon by the road that housed a mother and her small children, begging for coin.

They continued to venture eastwards for a few days, making camps along the way.
One of these nights, Nelfin (Shivra’s former elf slave) went out in the nearby woods to take a leak. Moments later, the young elf was apprehended and killed by a drow hunting party that was searching for Shivra

It was a mercenary group known as the Bregan D’aerthe that was tasked with tracking down Shivra and bring her back to the Baenre family in their Underdark city, Menzoberranzan.
And although they failed this task miserably (being slaughtered to bits), Shivra now knew her presence on the surface world was not unnoticed by her kin, and that this might not be the last time she and the rest of the party encountered them.

Pressing on towards their shared goal, the last heroes wandered beyond the town of Secomber and were just about a days ride from Loudwater when they encountered an old gnome wizard at one end of the roads.
The gnome, naming himself Balazar the GREAT CONJURER!, went on rabbling about a “Santa scroll” he had acquired on his many travels across the planes. He also conjured a wierd creation that resembled a combination of a giant snake and a chicken…
Before anyone could stop him, he went on and initiated the ritual, gave them christmas presents and opened up a rift portal in time and space to an unknown realm,* in a galaxy far far away…*

Ensured they would be able to enter and exit the portal, the last heroes investigated the wierd realm – an icy cold landscape that was being torn apart by an ongoing raging battle between two alien parties..!


Determining that this realm used the Force instead of the Weave, and that magic was hard to conjure there before learning its ropes, the heroes decided to leave it to its own fate and wandered back to the rift portal to their own Forgotten Realms…

Without further notice (as Balazar and his outmost wierd summoned creation was gone) the last heroes pressed on towards Loudwater, reaching the old nostalgic settlement within a days ride.
They were on fancy ground again. Back now where they once had started their grand adventure!

But some things seems to have changed in their absence…

Reaching Daggerford
Flamerule 30 "Midsummer" to Eleasis 20 - 1489 DR


After beating up the doppelgangers and successfully chased and captured the cursed golden stag (that was really an wood elven prince), the last heroes took a break at the small local in The Way Inn for a few hours. Al, the sturdy little halfling, went more and more inside of himself after that and kept more to himself… And his beloved Frida Rosa Blossom.
The cult they were set to spy on by the Harpers were upset about the earlier events where three of their comrades had fallen prey to (Buarôn) apparently the tiefling that had followed the caravan before and had pointed at himself as the killer then disappeared…

Buarôn was fast to “go out” with Steve before the caravan started moving towards Daggerford during the early afternoon in order to reach it before nightfall. Before being able to get all the way, the front of the caravan noticed rising smoke in the distance…
As Varoc and Shivra mounted a horse and sprang in advance, on the road ahead near the next close treeline, they spotted a closed road consisting of a large trap set on fire.

Just beyond, a stranded caravan with one human noble and two of his trusted guards, taking cover behind barrels and firing arrows at an ambushing hobgoblin patrol attacking from the other side of the road.


Considering to try and avoid, the party discussed going around the commotion, but determined it would take too long to do so. As such, the last heroes rushed forward (except Al, who was cuddling with Frida) and launched their powers at the hobgoblin horde (with minor consideration in killing off the humans as well).
The hobgoblin captain was spotted riding on a giant fearsome Worg and looked too nasty to not set as primary target by Varoc…


In the midst of the chaos that emerged as the last heroes entered the fight, in a side maneuver made by the hobgoblins and their bugbears, they came rushing at the party’s side, clashing into Anton as he fended them off…
The fight god was on the last heroes side this time, but before they won the day, a bugbear made a critical hit on Anton, rendering him loosing his left hand in the process!

After the hobgoblin captain’s last breath was taken, the noble thanked the last heroes greatly and offered to buy their two horses at a reasonable price since the hobgoblins had killed his.

On the move again towards Daggerford as the sun started its last voyage towards sunset, a large hillside started to take over from the Misty Forest to their east as they drew closer and closer to the walled city.
Just then, someone in their caravan bursted and pointed to the east as two magical beings was fighting far away in mid air above the hills…


A young red dragon had attacked a griffon, hoping to score a nice meal the size of himself. They all watched the spectacle for some minutes before both flying creatures disappeared as they flew away beyond the hillside.

The last heroes and the caravan they had protected reached the walled town beyond the river as twilight dominated the skyline. Although the guards of Daggerford were hesitant to let in a drow like Shivra, the party ensured that they would take responsibility for any commotion that would occur during her stay.
Then started a well earned period of selling of goods, training and rest at the local inn called River Shining Tavern for about two tendays, as well as celebrating Midsummer, before the group started their next move in the adventure…!

The Long Road
Flamerule 25 - 1489 DR

Heroes (or Anti-Heroes):

  • Shivra Baenre, Drow Druid/Priestess of House Baenre, originating from the Underdark.
  • Anton Hornraven, Human mercenary originating from the town of Loudwater.
  • Varoc Levitia, Human Cleric of Selûne and gifted in the art of the trickster.
  • Al Greenbottle, Cheese-addicted Halfling rogue that also has the magical gift.
  • Buarôn Fezim, Half-elf Warlock and failed academic originating from the city of Waterdeep.

After securing their lives from their travels in the Abyss, our heroes gathered up in the outskirts of Baldur’s Gate after a few days in the loathsome city, in a tavern called The Purple Worm Inn & Tavern.

For a number of reasons back then, our heroes chose to pursue the quest given to them by agents of both The Harpers and The Order of the Gauntlet – follow and learn as much as possible about disguised figures from the Cult of the Dragon, while travelling with a caravan from Baldur’s Gate up to the walled town of Daggerford (since our heroes were travelling that way towards Loudwater either way, it seemed like a good idea at the time)…

Their travels (marked in red on the map) took them through the Fields of the Dead, up to the hills of the Trollclaws, that ended up having our heroes save the caravan from a troll raiding party…

From there, the caravan continued towards a small trading post just a few miles south of the ruins of Dragonspear castle.


Shady business from the Cult of the Dragon led our adventurers off track into the renowned (or notorious) swamp lands of the High Moor (marked in purple)…
Following tracks of lizardfolk that apparently was given a part of the cult’s treasure (that a part of the caravan was transporting) in order to deliver it to their master Voraghamantar, a young black dragon which allegience the cult was trying to buy…


The fierce, although short, battle that ensued when they confronted the young black dragon in his lair was furious to say the least, but ended in our heroes slaying the dragon before its acid breath could destroy them all.
The remaining ruins was then overrun by lizardfolk that rallied against eachother, as our heroes in the meantime took the moment to sneak away with the treasure, back to the Trade Way road that was to lead them home.

They eventually made it out from the nasty swamp, back to the caravan just before it was about to depart north, up to Daggerford.

The following days and weeks (marked in green on the above map) were unusually warm and uneventful, the high sun of the midsumer months showing its full warmth, as their travelling speed lowered to set a more secure pace for the whole caravan.


Quiet did the march push on closer to their current shared goal:
Delivering this damned caravan safely to Daggerford and earn their rightful reward from those blasted agents, and once and for all maybe get back to Loudwater in order to make their own dark plans for their old claimed tavern…

Now, it is just a day ride towards the next town of Daggerford
Will our heroes travel back to Loudwater and resume their place as folk heroes of the town?
Or will they travel further north to the city of Waterdeep instead to gain further riches?…
Or, will they take a whole ’nother way to find their own glory somewhere in the wilderness of the Sword Coast and beyond?

The Gauntlet and The Harper
Mirtul 23 - 1489 DR - Year of the Warrior Princess

Our heroes venture out of the portal from Morglon-Daar, and find themselves in the town of Scornubel, a.k.a. The Caravan City.
Anton and Varoc quickly disappeared into the city crowd for reasons only known to themselves, leaving behind the drow, halfling and the half-elf on their own.

Shivra made haste to the city temple – Temple to Lathander, the morning lord – draging along her captive elf in chains, in order to rid herself from the painful “pitlung” disease she aquired in the Abyss.
Later, after some general douchebaggery in the city market square (Shivra managed to use her charm spell on the city guards), “the Walk”, Al ended up buying new Fresh clothes and stuff, and Buarôn kept dragging his soul larva, Steve II, around despite his obvious hate for the dreadful climate in the mortal world.
Our remaining party assembled to plan their return to Loudwater, just as someone shouted behind them “PLEASE HELP! STOP THE THEIF!!!”..

After at least securing the theft and returning it to the owner (a young monk), they were invited to join in on a table on the Dusty Hoof tavern.
There they met with Ontharr Frume

Ontharr, a good aligned Paladin of Torm, asked them to accompany him as guards to the nearby holy city of Elturel in exchange for riding horses on their journey.

The road took them west, following the Chionthar river and revealing the huge holy tower named Lathander’s Gift – a magically forged tower that emitted a powerful light that could be seen miles away and was harmful to undead.
Before reaching the tower that made up the capital of Elturel, our heroes encountered a huge beast that was thought to be long gone in the region…


After killing the beast, they quickly made their way to Elturel, the holy capital in the region, run by paladins and clerics of Torm, under the supervision of the High Overseer of Torm.

Ontharr invited them to the Black Anthlers tavern, where they met a half-elf monk named Leosin Erlanthar

In this meeting, our heroes learn that Leosin is in fact an agent of the Harpers (just like Curuvar, the wizard of Loudwater), and that Ontharr is the leader of a righteous organization known as The Order of the Gauntlet.
Leosin has been spying on a cult known as the Cult of the Dragon. The half-elf continues to explain that the cult has been sacking towns, recruiting dragons and amassed wealth for dark purposes still unknown…
At the current moment, Leosin is certain that the cult is transporting valuable cargo disguised as simple merchants with wagons.

Our heroes are tasked to infiltrate the cult in Baldur’s Gate, as they reorganize to head north…


Deals with Demons
A Portal to the Mortal World

Pazuzu – Prince of the lower aerial kingdoms

Our heroes gather themselves on the hovering earthmote of Skycleave, where they usurped Draigdurroch and his supposedly evil plans…

After meeting with the fallen angel Raz’iel, they head out and starts wandering back to Plague-Mort.
On their way there, they encounter the demon lord Pazuzu, who incapacitate Raz’iel and force our heroes to make a deal with this being, or face off his aerial demonic minions…

The heroes trade the elemental artifacts aquired at Skycleave, for their life and safe journey towards Khin-Oin (The Wasting Tower) and their final destination of Morglon-Daar.
Pazuzu orders his demons to descend the pazunian skies and let the heroes mount them, and be flown to Khin-Oin…


Landing just beside the River of Blood, the choices lies on either taking a chance to get to Morglon-Daar through the montrous tower, or down the Blood River and the deep rift itself.
The drow, Shivra, makes a perceptive action to try and spot one of the demonic ferrymans that looms the blood river. Connection made, they eventually come to terms with a price of 500 gp to join a boat down the stream…


Buarôn, Anton, Shivra and Al, along with Varoc and his halfling in the background, slowly descend the Blood Rift and eventually come upon the old city of Morglon-Daar.
As the boat slowly enters the town docks, our heroes are greeted by thousands of flayed bodies, hanging in chains like a demonic christmas festival.

After a quick inspection of the city, the party decides to disguise themselves as slavers and head deeper into the demonic city to find shelter for a nights rest…
The day after, our heroes gather and Varoc casts a Create Food and Water spell, but only after Anton prompted him to.

They later recover from their feast, and venture into the The Bazaar district, a center of interplanar trade – where you can buy virtually anything and anyone.
They eventually find the current Blightlord running the this part of the city, a Raavasta demon named Sotugla, the Grand Assessor…


Sotugla mocks his mortal visitors, share some of his wordly views and smoke and then actually gives them directions to the drow wizard they are searching for in order to get to the mortal plane.

Travelling to the district of Beggar’s Fall, the heroes find the building where the drow is supposed to house.
The building is guarded by two demonic Minotaurs.
Shivra and Buarôn casts two polymorph spells on them – with only one of them succeeding, rendering one of the large minotaurs polymorphing into a tiny worm.
Anton grabs one of his magical cards and throws in 10 feet away from him, closer to the now approaching minotaur – In a flash, an illusion of a Hobgoblin is conjured, and Anton controls it to start annoy the minotaur, rendering the entrance to the drow’s building unguarded…

Inside the building, the party discovers the drow magician, who eventually flees the party (as they announce their intent to kill him)…
The chase after him is short – Al Greenbottle throws a well aimed stone in the back of the drow males head, and as he falls to the ground, Shivra creates a sphere of Darkness where he falls.
Our heroes then walks up to the dark sphere, and starts shoving their swords inside it and sees their blades going red by blood as they finish the job covertly.

They steal the key pendant around his neck, most willing to find their way back home…

Draigdurroch's Legacy

After have been given the manditory mission to explore Raazorforge, ruins of a great town abandoned alongside a lake of molten iron, by the demon Lady of Change, the party is accompanied by her servant (and fallen angel) Raz’iel to their destination.

Raazorforge, once known for its impressive forging operations during the Blood War, is now remembered for the striking palace that floats in the skies overhead. A colossal steel chain rises out of the parched earth at the center of Raazorforge, anchoring a soaring earthmote high above. Atop the earthmote is the Bastion of Skycleave, a majestic djinn citadel tempel of flying buttresses, vaulted porticos, and soaring domes adorned with stained-glass windows inside.
Centuries past, an unknown curse befell the town of Raazorforge and the citadel floating above it. Demons shun the site, making it one of the safest locales on Pazunia, or so scholars believe.
For travelers who have nerves of steel, the primordial-forged chain offers an arduous climb to the floating isle…

After a threacherous climb on the forged chain, they arrive to the top, and take a short rest before Al makes an effort to scout the place and steals a broom of flying from a pair of witches that is apparently doing their own investigations on the site…

The witches disappear and our heroes finds an entrance and venture into the darkness of the citadel, led by Varoc’s magical light.

Solving a mysterious riddle imprinted on the dark walls in these catacombs, our heroes comes upon a freezing room dedicated to the water element.

Afterwards, and through a bunch of hardships, they venture deeper into the demonic place, battling Magmins, small fire elementals, and eventually find out that the dwarf warlock, Draigdurroch, has taken this place as his refuge.



The Lords of the Abyss
Plain of a Thousand Portals


Our heroes continue on their journey across the plains of ‘Pazunia’, or simply the first layer of the Abyss. They scour the land, come across pools of bubbles that damage some of their lungs, just before they are ambushed by a pair of Cambions – Half-fiends that are made through a Human and a Demon mating.

After they smack the demons into submission, the Party realizes that they are not alone.


Into the Portal II
Exploring the first layer of the Abyss


Buarôn, Shivra and Al loses conciousness in an alien crackelstorm when they arrive on the 1st layer of the outer plane, the Abyss.
Meanwhile, Varoc and Anton is captured when their portal journey ends, and regain their damaged counciousness just to find themselves locked up in a dungeon cell. After a while, they notice as the gnolls drags their uncounscious party friends and puts them in each empty cell, sharpening their knives.
The party reassembles, captured and prepped for torture, in a gnoll infested fortress dungeon.

Into the Portal I
The Realm of Hades


Buarôn, Shivra and Al wakes up, after the tumbling experience of a defunct portal travel, to a seemingly alien world – a grayish tone cover the land, with few landmarks to show the way.

They eventually stumble upon a soul larvas and interacts with them…

After a while, they come across a grayish Forest where they encounter a Night Hag.

Killing it off, they venture further, only to be lead to a foul river, the River of Styx, that is about to take them even deeper, into the Abyss…



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