Nelfin Valandir (dead)

Moon Elf slave - Owner: Shivra Baenre


Nelfin is a thin and slender built male moon elf with long silveryblonde hair that usually covers his pointy elven ears.
He has a white and blueish hue to his eyes, which in his current state often making him look empty and miserable – as if something horrible has happened tog him.
Scars of old wounds from whiplashes and cuts covers his body.


Nelfin is often quiet and rarely speaks with anyone else than his current drow owner Shivra Baenre.

After being subject to a magical ritual where Shiva payed to have his tongue brought back (which was previously cut off by demon slavetraders) he expressed his gratitude with at least revealing that he originated from the nation of Cormyr, near the Faerûnian inland sea, the Sea of Falling Stars.
He has yet to reveal why he ended up in the Abyss in the first place, still keeping a low profile to all around him…

Nelfin Valandir (dead)

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