Last Heroes

Orc raid & Wyvern hunt

Eleint 5 - 1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

The tendays goes by as our last heroes are back in and around Loudwater territory, making themselves at home and securing the countryside while doing quests and enhancing their claimed tavern.

Raiding potentially peaceful orc settlement?
yeah, they did it…


Fighting off the wyverns, killing them, retrieving their eggs and finding some herbs?
yeah, they also did it…


Lurking into an abandoned and desecrated temple of Illmater, the broken god and uncover its secrets from a spectator?
Did that as well, but not before they murdered the poor halfling and his friend that actually led them to the cursed place.


Now, on their way back to Loudwater for some actual nice hours looking forward to a hot bath in C├ęst Inn!



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