Last Heroes

Reaching Daggerford

Flamerule 30 "Midsummer" to Eleasis 20 - 1489 DR


After beating up the doppelgangers and successfully chased and captured the cursed golden stag (that was really an wood elven prince), the last heroes took a break at the small local in The Way Inn for a few hours. Al, the sturdy little halfling, went more and more inside of himself after that and kept more to himself… And his beloved Frida Rosa Blossom.
The cult they were set to spy on by the Harpers were upset about the earlier events where three of their comrades had fallen prey to (Buarôn) apparently the tiefling that had followed the caravan before and had pointed at himself as the killer then disappeared…

Buarôn was fast to “go out” with Steve before the caravan started moving towards Daggerford during the early afternoon in order to reach it before nightfall. Before being able to get all the way, the front of the caravan noticed rising smoke in the distance…
As Varoc and Shivra mounted a horse and sprang in advance, on the road ahead near the next close treeline, they spotted a closed road consisting of a large trap set on fire.

Just beyond, a stranded caravan with one human noble and two of his trusted guards, taking cover behind barrels and firing arrows at an ambushing hobgoblin patrol attacking from the other side of the road.


Considering to try and avoid, the party discussed going around the commotion, but determined it would take too long to do so. As such, the last heroes rushed forward (except Al, who was cuddling with Frida) and launched their powers at the hobgoblin horde (with minor consideration in killing off the humans as well).
The hobgoblin captain was spotted riding on a giant fearsome Worg and looked too nasty to not set as primary target by Varoc…


In the midst of the chaos that emerged as the last heroes entered the fight, in a side maneuver made by the hobgoblins and their bugbears, they came rushing at the party’s side, clashing into Anton as he fended them off…
The fight god was on the last heroes side this time, but before they won the day, a bugbear made a critical hit on Anton, rendering him loosing his left hand in the process!

After the hobgoblin captain’s last breath was taken, the noble thanked the last heroes greatly and offered to buy their two horses at a reasonable price since the hobgoblins had killed his.

On the move again towards Daggerford as the sun started its last voyage towards sunset, a large hillside started to take over from the Misty Forest to their east as they drew closer and closer to the walled city.
Just then, someone in their caravan bursted and pointed to the east as two magical beings was fighting far away in mid air above the hills…


A young red dragon had attacked a griffon, hoping to score a nice meal the size of himself. They all watched the spectacle for some minutes before both flying creatures disappeared as they flew away beyond the hillside.

The last heroes and the caravan they had protected reached the walled town beyond the river as twilight dominated the skyline. Although the guards of Daggerford were hesitant to let in a drow like Shivra, the party ensured that they would take responsibility for any commotion that would occur during her stay.
Then started a well earned period of selling of goods, training and rest at the local inn called River Shining Tavern for about two tendays, as well as celebrating Midsummer, before the group started their next move in the adventure…!



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