Last Heroes

Wierd Ways to Loudwater

Eleasis 21 - 1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

Before the last heroes departed from Daggerford, they made sure that they had lived out their fantasies:

  • Varoc, except training hard at the local blacksmith, honed his sexual skills with hiring the five best good looking prostitutes in Daggerford, and made himself briefly known by settling in the best damn suite that the famous River Shining Tavern had to offer.
  • Shivra and BuarĂ´n did some training as well, but secretly conducted a most unholy ceremony that summoned a Glabrezu demon large as a giant that ended up injecting its huge demonic sperm into Shivra – hoping to complete one of the drow’s ancient evil rituals.
  • Al Greenbottle had his own schemes. The halfling trickster managed to secretly rob one of the most impenetrable banks on the Sword Coast and acquire a large sum of gold.
  • Meanwhile, Anton trained and fine-tuned his already awesome swordsmanship.

All done in Daggerford, the party gathered their horses they were given from the Harpers (as of their deal) and rolled out on the Delimbiyr road towards the town of Loudwater.


Initially, the route was mostly clear except the common merchant from time to time. Once they encountered a ruined wagon by the road that housed a mother and her small children, begging for coin.

They continued to venture eastwards for a few days, making camps along the way.
One of these nights, Nelfin (Shivra’s former elf slave) went out in the nearby woods to take a leak. Moments later, the young elf was apprehended and killed by a drow hunting party that was searching for Shivra

It was a mercenary group known as the Bregan D’aerthe that was tasked with tracking down Shivra and bring her back to the Baenre family in their Underdark city, Menzoberranzan.
And although they failed this task miserably (being slaughtered to bits), Shivra now knew her presence on the surface world was not unnoticed by her kin, and that this might not be the last time she and the rest of the party encountered them.

Pressing on towards their shared goal, the last heroes wandered beyond the town of Secomber and were just about a days ride from Loudwater when they encountered an old gnome wizard at one end of the roads.
The gnome, naming himself Balazar the GREAT CONJURER!, went on rabbling about a “Santa scroll” he had acquired on his many travels across the planes. He also conjured a wierd creation that resembled a combination of a giant snake and a chicken…
Before anyone could stop him, he went on and initiated the ritual, gave them christmas presents and opened up a rift portal in time and space to an unknown realm,* in a galaxy far far away…*

Ensured they would be able to enter and exit the portal, the last heroes investigated the wierd realm – an icy cold landscape that was being torn apart by an ongoing raging battle between two alien parties..!


Determining that this realm used the Force instead of the Weave, and that magic was hard to conjure there before learning its ropes, the heroes decided to leave it to its own fate and wandered back to the rift portal to their own Forgotten Realms…

Without further notice (as Balazar and his outmost wierd summoned creation was gone) the last heroes pressed on towards Loudwater, reaching the old nostalgic settlement within a days ride.
They were on fancy ground again. Back now where they once had started their grand adventure!

But some things seems to have changed in their absence…



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